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Thinkbrand is a hub created to share insights of various campaigns that have used digital platforms to create cross channel engagement and propel campaigns forward.



Creating a more engaging product description page, with the ability to easily change between a more casual, at a glance overview and also a more technical, detailed spec of a product. This is a concept design for a pitch with our teams thinking and approach to a very modular product description page.


Charles Cafe

A play between your classic cornerstone coffee shop, combined with modern cafe attributes to create that memorable nostalgic feeling. Charles Cafe hosts all your classic cafe favorites with delightful twists peppered with sentiments by the loved George Costanza.


McDonald’s App

Bringing everything you love in McDonald’s to one app. Includes features such as Nutrition calculator, Restaurant locator, Day parted menu recommendations and much more.


The All-New 2015 Volkswagen Golf

Tactical search intercepts presented to a user when searching for a competitors vehicle of similar price.